The Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

This specialist niche area offers investors an effective option as part of holistic Inheritance Tax (IHT) planning as well as the opportunity to deliver extra diversification and expose a small element of their monies to companies whose share prices are not necessarily correlated to major market movements over the longer term.

By investing in AIM you will be able to take advantage of Business Property Relief (BPR) for qualifying shares which means that your capital will be considered by HMRC to be outside of your Estate and therefore free from any potential IHT liability after a period of 2 years from the investment date. This special exemption has been in place for many years. The 2 year period compares most favourably with other ‘mainstream’ IHT solutions which have a 7 year waiting period.

In addition to the above you will also maintain control and ownership of your capital within the AIM portfolio therefore affording you considerable flexibility and the option to withdraw from the investment at any time. In most forms of mainstream investment based IHT solutions you will be required to cede ownership and control of your capital; this is often unattractive for many clients.

We access AIM via an experienced discretionary fund manager, established in March 2004, who is a specialist investment company with a focus on the UK “small cap” sector. The business has established an outstanding reputation and track record in managing small and mid-cap equity portfolios, providing bespoke investment solutions for private clients, trusts and institutions. The majority of research is undertaken in-house and includes regular meetings with the management of AIM companies in order to get an in-depth view of their operations. The investment management process addresses both the risks and rewards associated with investing in AIM with investment into a managed portfolio of largely well established qualifying AIM quoted companies, well diversified across sectors and industries. The objective will be to hold shares for the long term, subject to efficient portfolio management and risk control.

Please note that Searchlight Investments only considers utilising an AIM solution for individuals with extensive investment experience, a broad and diverse portfolio of various assets and a good understanding of risk and volatility within financial markets.

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