What an amazing week!

Guest Blog Sarah BeresfordIt’s lovely when you feel a week has been amazing. Well I do. This week, there’s been 2 things that are truly incredible. Firstly, the Esa Rosetta Comet landing, the amazing thing is that this mission was launched in 2004 and some noble scientists have spent their entire career for this one moment. The objective is to learn more about the origins of our Solar System. It’s a momentous occasion…let’s hope it’s transmitters continue to send pictures back to earth!


Secondly, for the first time in years,  since the global financial crisis started, wages overtook inflation. Wages rose by 1.3% in September, beating the Consumer Price Index Inflation rate of 1.2%.  Whilst a welcome relief to consumers, and most households, some ministers are still warning that this growth has more to do with low inflation than increased income. Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms says there is “much more to be done”, pointing to longterm unemployment as still a real issue.

Iain Duncan Smith feels the rising salary figures are ‘remarkable’, and will give people that extra boost they need to give them a  ‘real sense of getting on again’. It has to be encouraging and hopefully we’ll all start to feel the benefit in our back pockets!




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