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servicesI’m just reading a book called ‘Do Something Different’ which focuses on marketing in business. It places the emphasis on ‘If you carry on doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll carry on getting what you’ve been getting.’  Genius!  Unsurprisingly, it’s part of the Virgin Business Guides; Richard Branson not being alien to doing things just that bit differently.

The book makes a particular reference to Kodak, who back in 1888 discovered that people found loading and unloading of film into a camera daunting, and decided to offer the first camera with film already loaded. In one simple move, Kodak had alleviated people’s fear and opened up the world of photography to just about everyone.

Although this is a fairly archaic example, it’s good to show that if you think about the product or service you offer, there’s often ways to improve it.  At Searchlight we apply a set of principles to everything we do:

Security – We help our clients achieve a more secure financial future by taking steps to ensure their income, assets and family are protected.

Clarity – We provide our clients with clarity in a complex investments market by using clear language and avoid jargon whenever possible.

Simplicity – We value simplicity over needless complexity and recognise that sometimes the most effective way forward is the simplest one.

We are constantly thinking how to do things differently. The iPad is an integral part of daily life now, whether you use it for online banking, surfing the internet, talking to contacts with Linked In or Facebook, or simply playing games like Minecraft!

That’s why we introduced the My Elevate app to our customers, so that they can access and view their investment details, use charts and graphics on an iPad. They can check a summary or get a detailed breakdown of their investment account…Basically, do pretty much everything when and where they want … Thinking differently has definitely added value to the customer experience, and that has to be good!

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