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Guest Blog Sarah Beresford

Guest Blog Sarah Beresford

Every day, I get up and I take my other half to the station to go to work, and not saying our lives are predictable or anything, but this question always arises on the way in…What’s your plan today?  And every day, I have a great list of plans – a ‘to-do’ list the length or your arm!

I love having plans of what I’m doing that day; my worst days are those weekend days, when the great British weather rains off whatever you were thinking of doing and you’ve got nothing on…what do you do…!!!

Luckily inspiration isn’t far to be found, you can simply ‘Google’ it and sites like Pintrest can give some outstanding ideas of interesting things to do from fondue parties and tea parties to taking yourself off and going Zip Lining in Costa Rica and white water rafting (in my dreams!).

Planning for what’s round the corner is difficult, but we should all have a back up plan of what to fill those ‘rainy’ days with.  Just like with your finances, you should plan ahead, so that you’re able to do the things you want to do in the future. Someone recently said to me, that you’d be OK if you saved just 10% of your income every month and put it it into a savings or investment account – they weren’t  financial advisers but the sentiment is there. Plan ahead now, and be financially secure in the future, so that you can create a life that you enjoy everyday!



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