If I were a rich man…

City-based gambler enjoyed winnings of almost £200,000 last Friday after making a bet on Scotland rejecting independence in a referendum. He gambled a phenomenal £900,000 – the largest amount ever been staked on a political bet in the UK – but was rewarded in spades.

The fellow who placed the bet must have had nerves of steel, however he claims that the wager he made was based on data.  Apparently, the amount of data on the referendum was vast… He analysed a database called  ‘what Scotland thinks’ which looked at what was important to the Scottish people and used it to make his predictions.

Clearly he is a clever chap who had made lots of statistical observations to inform his bet, but that said he was a massive risk taker!  Unlike investing in shares, where there’s an element of ‘informed’ risk and most investors take a long-term view, a bet is all or nothing.

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