Don’t just ‘Google it’

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With the proliferation of help and practical advice available to small business, it’s often a wonder how to sort the good ideas from the bad ones.  Only this week we received invites to the Made Entrepreneur festival …It looks really interesting with speakers such as Levi Roots Entrepreneur, Chef, Musician, Philanthropist and Dragon Slayer!!

Nowadays, for businesses there is such a lot of help and advice available. There’s advice on how to set up your company, keep your accounts, how to grow sales, how to stay motivated and even how to get the most out of your staff/employees.

The internet is the ‘font of all knowledge’; ‘GOOGLE it’ and you’ll undoubtedly turn up a relevant answer. But if you run your own business, when it comes to finances, websites are a good starting point but in my opinion nothing beats face-to- face advice. This is particularly true if you are looking at ways to invest your company profit to secure your long term personal future.

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