Adopt the ‘just before holiday’ attitude to your finances, and reap the re-wards

Guest Blogger - Sarah Beresford. 'My picture of sand at lovely Brancaster beach, Norfolk.

Sarah Beresford’s Guest Blog. Above – My picture of sand at lovely Brancaster beach, Norfolk.


This week I read a blog entitled ‘Have you ever noticed how much you achieve the week before you go on holiday?’.It was all about how amazingly effective you become in work just before you go on holiday… you do so many things in less time.  The writer decided that it wasn’t that you just worked longer hours before holiday, it was more about you prioritised better and asked yourself the right questions as to what you really needed to do.

Questions such as: Does this task need doing? What would happen if you didn’t do it? Are there better ways to make this happen?  They decided that each month for 1 day they would imagine that the next day was going to be a holiday, so that they would approach their workload more efficiently and creatively.

What a great idea! We should all do this. I was thinking, not just for our work but things like finances. If you are anything like me, I look at all these financial products out there that promise to manage and grow your money more effectively and I think ‘that’s a good idea’ but I never get around to doing anything about it. It’s not because I don’t want to …it’s more because as things tick along, you get tangled up in day to day life, the small things and you don’t allow yourself the luxury of a few minutes of time to sit back and think what’s going to make a big difference.

The great thing I’ve experienced with going to a financial adviser like Searchlight Investments, is actually they do this thinking for you and so if you are strapped for time, then you don’t lose out.  Often, people think that having a financial adviser is the preserve of the rich and famous. As this blog says, you don’t have to be rich to have a financial adviser but if you enlist the help of a financial adviser, you could end up rich.

Personally, I think it’s worth giving it a go, and sparing a few minutes of your time, so that in the long run you could make managing your finances more effective.


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