What it’s like being a trainee Financial Adviser at Searchlight Investments

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Philip Sole, Trainee Financial Adviser, Searchlight Investments

Phil Sole describes what it’s like being a trainee Financial Adviser at Searchlight Investments

When I first thought of beginning a career in Financial Planning and Wealth Management, an image of Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ immediately sprung to mind. Having just completed my second week at Searchlight Investments, I can safely (and gladly) say that there are no similarities between what I do each day, and the madness that was portrayed in Martin Scorsese’s film.

My first two weeks of “full immersion” in the world of Financial Planning and Wealth Management has, undoubtedly, been eye-opening. The team here at Searchlight have been very welcoming and understanding of the fact that I am new to their world. The one-on-one training sessions with each staff member have been highly rewarding and have supported my keen interest in Financial Services. Supporting the Advisers on various projects has spurred my determination to qualify as a Financial Adviser, and I feel that their dedicated time with me will assist in doing so.

The depth of knowledge that each Adviser possesses, enabling them to advise their clients on different investments options, is impressive. The clarity in which I have seen them communicate this knowledge, simplifies matters for their clients. I believe this transparency is what maintains the trust and loyalty between Searchlight and their clientele.

I relish the current opportunity given to me, and I am highly confident that with the support already shown to me from my colleagues, I will have a successful career as a qualified Financial Adviser at Searchlight Investments.

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