Pensions: Does your divorce consider your long-term financial wellbeing?

John ScholesIf you’re getting divorced, it’s worth considering if your pension settlement meets your long-term needs?

Perhaps, it’s not the first thing on your mind when you are getting divorced, but Pensions should feature in your divorce settlement.  More often than not, Pensions are offset by other financial assets and if pensions are being split they often don’t take into consideration the ‘What if’ ’ scenarios for dividing spousal assets equitably for long-term financial wellbeing.

As John Scholes, our Senior Consultant at Searchlight Investment says:

“Divorce settlement negotiations are based on your current financial situation. However, Lifetime Cashflow Planning offers clients the re-assurance that their settlement will meet their projected, long term financial, well beyond the settlement date. “

John continues:

“Pensions aren’t confusing but solicitors need to engage with a good financial planner. Searchlight Investment’s Lifetime Cashflow Planning Service helps simplify pension planning in times of divorce by helping solicitors and their clients gain greater clarity around their financial future. “

So, if you are getting divorce, it’s worth taking into account your how your pension is to be divided, and either you or your solicitor seeks professional advice to ensure you’ve got your future covered.

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