Only 3 days to go to use your ISA tax allowance


There has been a lot of talk about ISAs over the past week or so with the changes made in the budget. In a nutshell, you’re allowed to invest up to £11,520 this tax year.  What’s important to remember, is you must choose to save or invest by 5th April, which is when the tax year ends, as your allocation will not simply rollover.

Up to half of this allowance can be allocated to cash ISA (that’s £5760) or the whole lot could be used for investing. Happily,from the 6th April, the amount you can allocate into an ISA has increased to £11,880 and then to £15,000 from the 1st of July.

Although you’ve only 3 days to go, you mustn’t panic buy. There’s loads of sound advice out there, not to mention talking to Searchlight Investments, who will be able  to point you in the right direction to the types of investment you should make.

Here’s three key points to bear in mind:

1)    Timing – don’t leave it until the 5th April to invest, some providers have different deadlines and it may prove difficult to purchase either online, over the phone or face to face due to the volume of customers….better safe than sorry, so try to do your investment in the next 2 days. Postal applications would also be too late if sent on the Saturday.

2)    Consult the experts to understand how to choose the right investment for your Isa. There are a plethora of websites, advisors, and companies that can identify funds that match your risk profile. Often, it’s not easy to do yourself, and working with advisors such as Searchlight Investments will help, as they can  give in depth advice and highlight options suitable for you.

3)    If you want to buy an ISA but don’t have the time to consult the experts, why not take a look at websites such as,, or

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