Lifecycle Stage

People at all stages of life have a common desire for advice they can trust.

Investment solutions appropriate to their risk profile and somebody who knows enough about their goals and circumstances to provide meaningful ongoing advice and service.

The advice and services we provide are tailored to the stage of life our clients have reached and are heading towards.

  1. Starting off
  2. Accumulating Capital
  3. Approaching Retirement
  4. Prosperous Later Years

Starting Off

Few of us start our adult lives with significant capital assets. Wealth tends to be accumulated over time and there are no guarantees about what life throws in the way of our families. Most people wish to protect their family in the event of death or illness, as well as save for the future. However, day to day distractions often obscure our longer term goals.

We provide clients with a route towards accumulation of capital through regular tax efficient investing suited to their attitude to the risk of short term investment volatility. We also enable clients to create a safety net for family security in the event of death or disability.

  • Young couples
  • Getting married
  • Buying a home
  • Starting a family
  • Finding financial feet
  • Building a career/business
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Accumulating Capital

Most people instinctively feel a need to accumulate wealth as their lives, families and careers progress. However, their accumulation rarely tends to be carried out in a planned way with goals and timescales in mind. We meet many clients with an assortment of investment arrangements gathered in a fairly random fashion over time with no focused aim in mind.

Our insight helps clients to consider, understand and focus on the milestones in life when capital will be required. These milestones could include helping children with a house deposit or buying a holiday home. We analyse the suitability of existing investments to your goals and investment attitude and produce recommendations about how to harness financial resources to most effectively work towards your lifestyle and capital requirements.

  • School/university fees
  • Tax efficient saving and pension planning
  • Career moves/business expansion
  • Looking to grow nest egg/portfolio
  • Redundancy / change of direction
  • Less time to think and act about finances
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Approaching Retirement

There are 2 ways to look forward towards retirement – with certainty or uncertainty, whether it’s in relation to when you will be able to choose to retire, how you will spend all that free time or how you will be able to afford to do all the things you plan to do. You may be confident that your accumulated pension funds are sufficient to fund the lifestyle you have always dreamed about, which is great news. However, can you be certain that you have taken all necessary and available steps to ensure you will have access to the right amounts of capital or income at the right time and in the most tax efficient manner?

We can create more certainty in your run up to retirement. We can help you make sense of the arrangements already in place and identify what options you have for maximising your funds and flexibility before irrevocable and possibly costly decisions are made in ignorance of options available to you. In short, we can help put you back in control of your retirement planning.

  • Children left or leaving home
  • Successful career or business
  • Possible downsizing
  • Want to co-ordinate all finances
  • Needs to know what options exist
  • Needs clarity and expertise on pensions
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Prosperous Later Years

The need for wealth preservation begins when the opportunity to add to wealth becomes limited, usually at retirement. Accumulated wealth needs to be put work to fund the goals it was intended to support.

We advise how assets and investments can be managed to provide an income whilst still conserving capital values. We will also consider how to minimise or eradicate the liability to inheritance tax on the beneficiaries of the wealth you may wish to pass on to children and grandchildren.

  • Looking to enjoy worry free lifestyle
  • Want to leave a legacy for the family
  • Travel the world
  • Provide for care fees
  • Want simple solutions
  • Want to minimise risks
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