Why Us?

At Searchlight Investments we help clients make well informed decisions about their financial journey.

We do this throughout all the stages of their life, through a friendly, personal and professional approach.

This means having your interests at the forefront of our minds. We do this by getting to know what you want out of life, what the financial requirements might be to achieve your goals and how your resources can be harnessed to work most effectively towards your goals. And throughout the life of your financial strategy, we’re here to fine tune.

By working with you in this way, our aim is to ensure you benefit from:

  • A sense of control over your financial plans and resources
  • Peace of mind concerning your money
  • Being financially well organised
  • The right solutions to financial planning issues
  • An investment strategy that matches your risk profile
  • Tax efficient strategies
  • Achieving and maintaining your desired lifestyle

Our Investment Strategy

The overwhelming weight of evidence in the modern world demonstrates that the single most important factor in determining the performance of an investment is that of asset allocation.


In simple terms asset allocation is the process of spreading your investment across a range of different asset classes such as cash, gilts, corporate bonds, property and equities from different geographical markets around the world. Each of these asset classes can be further broken down into more specialised subsections to give strong diversification within the investment.

The implementation of this process in our recommendations is one of the key factors that distinguishes us from other financial advisers. It is against this background that our Advice Process has been designed.

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